Friday, August 31, 2012
Midway Disappointment
The whirling lights surround you and tempt you to take a spin on what looks to be a dangerous and thrilling ride. The smell of popcorn, combined with grease mixes with the scent of animal waste coming from the barns across the fair grounds. The sound of happily-screaming patrons is drowned out by the voices of carnival workers, shouting at you from a long line of game booths. They challenge you to step up and win a prize. The midway can be an exhilarating experience, especially as night falls and the whole scene gains an air of mystery.

This is a depressing, scene, however when you realize that you are the ONLY person in your group who bought a wrist band for unlimited rides at the fair. Sure, someone will ride the Double Ferris Wheel with you, because it’s tradition. But who will squish up next to you on the Scrambler or the Himalayas? Who will ignore the typical age of people jumping around in the bouncy house and shed their shoes for a romp with you in the cushioned enclosures of the blow-up castle? Forget about anything that puts you into the air, turns you upside down and spins you until you regret the funnel cake you shared with your group earlier that evening.

You intend to go home from this fair feeling sick and satisfied. Perhaps there’s an exotic stranger somewhere in this crowd who will be your ride companion for the evening. Maybe someone who came to the same realization when they arrived at the fair. Not a one of their friends has the guts to face the dangers of the midway head-on and risk throwing up all of their delicious cotton candy.
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