Thursday, August 30, 2012
Totally Awesome...

Oh to be awesome, 
Really awesome, 
wise men’ll tell that this demands caution, 
but from Albany to Austin, 
from the Bahamas to the Falklands, 
let no one be without the desire to be lost in
The Should I’s and shouldn’t I’s, the will I’s or won’t I’s
The Suicides at 27, or the fuck that, I’ll never die’s
The good guys and sad guys, the glad guys, our dad guys
Rip tides and raw hides and the defamers that chastise
And the cut ties the cold goodbyes
And the warm stares from old old eyes
And all the past rides and fast rides on that journey toward that long last rise

The earth is a play pen, 
so all for your stay then, 
play then and say then that this is the way then 
and hey then and yay then 
and these are my days then 
and now then and when then perhaps you’ll forget then 
the mad thens and sad thens 
and all of the bad thens 
that followed you here then 
and followed you there then 
and made you forget then
 that in spite of all of them damned thens you were always really totally Awesome

We all know the stories of often, 
rags to riches, into titans from orphans.
From the start of it all till December 24th
On behalf of the women in the east and the men in the north
It won’t be long to we’re all not around
More sooner than later it’s all coming down
So with that in mind for the rest of your time
take the bows and revel in all that applause, son
cause it doesn’t matter how it ends, only that you were really awesome
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