Thursday, August 30, 2012
The Horror
     "Step right up.  Don't be shy.  Come see the wonders of the world right here."
     This barker was like any other I has seen in the years I attended the local carnivals growing up.  A little aged fat man making his living trying to get you and me to go in and see the silly displays he had to offer.  But this time, there was something different in his eyes when he looked at me.  Instead of seeing me as a mark, someone to get money from, his look screamed of some internal pain he wished to escape.
     I thought little of it at the time, paid my two bits and headed into the tent.
     I pressed myself through the mass of muttering people to see what the small stage had to offer.
     The platform was big enough for about four adults to stand comfortably without touching each other.  It appeared that barker I saw outside was standing on the right hand side of the stage but if it was him, the look in his eyes had overtaken his entire face.  When I saw the main attraction, i understood why his fear was the way it was.
     The creature, if it could be called such, appeared to me as a cross between a melted human and a bowl of applesauce without the bowl.  Globs of  flesh pulsating as if each one held a single lung.
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