Tuesday, July 18, 2006
letter soiree
To get A and E
to gather together,
a picture is taken -
a token from O.
For food we are waiting
on H with the whiting
and A with the slaw
because O was too slow.

Envious N frowns
at devious D
as she steps in
the pee from his pet.
D's dog has its tail
cooling off in a pail
as it sings of a singe
that it won't soon forget.

A has just crashed
and U has been crushed
by the weight that S
weighs on T's scale,
which upset the still
that K balanced with skill,
which spilled hooch on the pooch
and burned off its tail.

Partying Y is now
parting for home,
and U puked in the sink
and it sunk.
L has since split
and now I could just spit
'cause I sipped from
the drink that U drunk.

M paid for a maid
for the fire, and I'll hire
a plumber before I get
much needed slumber.

The litter a letter leaves
around on the ground...
Next week's party
should be a real number.
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