Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Senate Bill Number 42314
Senator Thrush had spent thousands of dollars on the ceiling of his bedroom. All around the perimeter of the oval--he had aspirations--was a mural painted by a famous Frenchman. Inside the mural was gold-plated molding with intricate designs imported from Italy. Hanging from the center of the ceiling was a stunning crystal chandelier that sparkled with the light of a thousand stars, and cost more than the rest of the room put together. Just the ceiling of his bedroom alone typically served as a reminder of his obscene wealth, but this morning it filled him with terror.

He stared at the ceiling, unable to even move his eyes. He had awoken from a terrible nightmare that ended in complete and utter darkness. At first he was relieved to see his ceiling, but then the realization that he could not move began to spread across his body. He yelled, but there was only silence in his room. He panicked, but there was no physical response.

Amidst his mental pleas, his body started to move. It turned his covers aside and got out of bed. His feet slipped into the slippers on the floor and then he stood up. The Senator's body, now with a will of its own, went about the Senator's morning routine as if it had done it for so many years it didn't need him to tell it what to do.

* * *

Today was a big day on the Hill. Senate Bill Number 42314 was coming to a vote in committee after a month of hearings and research. The senators had heard testimony from expert witnesses and government officials. They had seen pie charts and trend graphs. They had been admonished and begged. If this bill made it to the floor, but it seemed that through all of the hearings the committee might actually can it.

Senator Thrush walked into the room and quietly took his seat. One by one the other senators filed in and took theirs in turn. Thrush picked up his gavel and struck the table.

"I hereby call this meeting of the Senate Judiciary committee to order," he said, smoothly. "We are here to briefly review Senate Bill Number 42314 and cast our votes. Senator Fletcher, would you please review the bill for us once more."

The discussion was brief, and the voting swift. The entire meeting was a specimen of government efficiency that was typically uncommon. Thrush waited until all of the others had left, and then stood himself and walked out the door. He smiled.

* * *

The room was completely dark. It was, in fact, completely devoid of light. It was also devoid of sound. This is where James came to gather his thoughts after a hard day's work. This is where he came to review what he had accomplished. In this dark, silent place, James smiled. Today was good.
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