Wednesday, October 10, 2012
I'm the "Fireman"
    As problems pop up in the office, I am assigned to handle them leaving others to be able to focus on more mundane tasks.  I call myself the fireman cause that is what I do, I put out fires.  Not real flames, mind you.  I don't really have an issue with this idea but there are times when I simply cannot retain all of the data I need handle all of these issues.  My brain simply cannot maintain all the data for the seven or eight different tasks, each with their own unique sets of policies and procedures, that I deal with in less then a half an hour.  There are times when I can do it and I'm quite proud of myself when I do it but it happens far to rarely.   
     My brain tuns to mush.  I have evenings in which I don't even want to speak to another living soul. 
     Luckily, the drive home helps me a lot.  To paraphrase Douglas Copeland, "Driving is enforced meditation."     
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