Thursday, September 27, 2012
The Instant Messager program
     She and I exchange various one liners for about a half hour.  Nothing of substance.  Joking, more or less.  Yet each line exposes a bit of ourselves to the other individual.  I slip a cuss word into a line and she asks me not to use such language.  I gain an understanding of the photos.
     Later, things turn more serious.  We share feelings and ideas that matter, not just mindless crap.  We bear a bit of soul to each other.  Not enough to make ourselves venerable but enough to show that we want to interact with the other in a more serious manner.    
     Things come to an end and we make plans to 'bump' into each other online in this fashion again soon, allowing each of us the chance to seek the other out without the need to set a time.  The flexibility of the Internet at its finest.
     Will anything come of this?  It is a crap shoot but isn't life about the journey and not the destination?  Online flirting would qualify as the journey indeed. 
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